8 July 2020, 6.00 pm _ ZOOM Access, please send an email to Or watch the live stream on facebook Art in Public Space after the Corona Crash: Summary of the first public meet-up on 10 June 2020 of art-in-public-space projects and festivals of light discussing the impact and the responses to the Corona pandemic.

MEDIA ART FRIESLAND: Young Masters’ Award 2019

MEDIA ART FRIESLAND Young Masters // YOUNG MASTERS AWARD Statement of the Jury Nicolás Dardano (Buenos /, Katerina Mirović (, Bettina Pelz ( / with tremendous support of Adri Schokker ( Media Art Friesland 2019 introduced 15 recently graduated national and international media artists to us as the jury. We were very excited about the choices of artists, the diversity of approaches and the qualities of the works on display. It was a pleasure to spend time with them, we devoted 6 hours as a jury and we met with all the artists that were on-site.

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Theresa Brüheim: Dunkelheit ist die Leinwand des Lichts

Interview mit Bettina Pelz Politik & Kultur. Zeitung des Deutschen Kulturrates 12/19 / 1/20. Seite 26. Frau Pelz, als Kuratorin ist Ihr Spezialgebiet Licht in Kunst, Design und Architektur. Das ist ein weites Feld – was machen Sie genau? Wenn wir, in den visuellen Künsten, über Farbe und Form sprechen, über ästhetische Erscheinungsformen und künstlerischen Ausdruck, dann ist Licht eigentlich immer im Spiel.

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Bettina Pelz: SVETLOBNA GVERILA Ljubljana 2019

How to make a site-specific, context-sensitive and light-based exhibition project? _ Ljubljana is a buzzing city with bars, cafés and clubs, a great diversity of microbreweries and an international food scene. The inner city is closed for cars and in the middle of June 1000s of visitors are strolling between the many museums and the many shops, testing wine or checking the second-hand market. Today Ljubljana is the largest city of Slovenia and its cultural, economic and political center. Like many other cities in Europe, it hosts a festival of light, but this one is unique.