8 July 2020, 6.00 pm _ ZOOM Access, please send an email to Or watch the live stream on facebook Art in Public Space after the Corona Crash: Summary of the first public meet-up on 10 June 2020 of art-in-public-space projects and festivals of light discussing the impact and the responses to the Corona pandemic. When the Corona pandemic started, within a few days art-in-public-space projects and festivals of light came to a full stop. Public events were cancelled, public gatherings were limited, and along with the uncertainty that still accompanies this global health emergency, it is unclear when the public domain will once again be able to host projects and activities. In these days, artists, curators, technicians, and […]

Bettina Pelz: NARRACJE 2009 – 2019 _ “NARRACJE was a new experience in Poland”, said Robert Sochacki when looking back on the NARRACJE experience over the last 10 years. He is an artist, curator and academic based in Gdansk. “As an artist and as a citizen, I was very excited to see that people came from all over the Tri-City and even further. It was an extraordinaire phenomenon to see all these people walking around at night – looking for art.”

Bettina Pelz: Ingo Wendt: Metamatische Lichtmaschinen

Entdeckungen beim Nachdenken über die Werkzeugkiste von Ingo Wendt _ Ingo Wendts Arbeiten profitieren von Lust am Experiment und von viel Lebenserfahrung, von Know-how und Freude am Spielen, von Neugierde und Weltzugewandtheit. Er arbeitet entlang der Dehnungsfugen von Tatsachen und Technik. Er sammelt Himmelslicht auf Spiegelfolie oder projiziert Schattenfiguren auf Raumwände. Zu seinen aktuellen Werken gehören ein Seifenblasen- und ein Konfetti-Projektor, ein Ornamentgenerator und ein Farblicht-Chronotop.

Bettina Pelz: Ken Matsubara: Recording with Light

Ken Matsubara applies film to found objects like a nameless book or a wooden scale, an industrial manufactured water glass or a mass-produced singing bowl, a broken mobile phone or an outdated TV. They are all small movable objects from daily life and can be found in varied contexts.