MOMA, December 24, 1968: Sound and Light

MOMA, December 24, 1968: Sound and Light

_ MOMA Press Archive, No.137/1968 _ … Since 1962 Miss Zazeela has performed as the vocalist with The Theatre of Eternal Music and has provided the stage sets, costumes, and lighting. For the last three years, she has been creating light concerts with Mr. Young using slides of her own design projected directly on the performing musicians …

The projections form part of a series of light works designed for live performance on
three or more slide projectors. The series contains numerous black and white negative
and positive photographs of modular sections of several closely related designs.
Each slide mount holds a photograph and a combination of colored gels. These design
and color elements are combined into interlocking groups whose sequence, duration of
appearance, and manipulation within the parameters made available by the functions
of the machines are determined during the actual performance.

The symmetry of the designs and the repetitiveness of the patterns concerns centering
and concentration. Movement is deliberate and takes place slowly in time. Performance
usually accompanies La Monte’s music, and the changes reflect the mood and flow of
the sound. …


MOMA Press Archive, No.137/1968