Chloe Wyma: History of Light: The Pioneers, From Robert Irwin to Anthony McCall

_ In the mid-1960s, a loosely affiliated cadre of artists based in Southern California including Robert Irwin, James Turrell, and Doug Wheeler — frustrated by the limitations of abstract painting — turned their attention away from the creation of conventional art objects and towards sensory perception itself.

Informed by Los Angeles distinctively sunny landscape, an existent “finish-fetish” aesthetic promulgated by surf and car cultures, and an emerging hippie ethos that privileged perceptual experiences over material commodities, Light and Space was the West Coast’s answer to minimal art: tempering cool, hard geometry with dose of scientific showmanship and metaphysical wonder. But Light Art is by no means limited to the artistic crucible of California Light and Space. Mary Corse had little connection to the movement proper, but pioneered a new medium using reflective glass microbeads. On the East Coast, Dan Flavin made radiant sculptural artworks exclusively from store-bought fluorescent tubes, while British experimental filmmaker Anthony McCall harnessed light to create holographic geometric forms … GO TO SOURCE


Blouinartinfo June 3, 2013

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