MOMA, December 24, 1968: Sound and Light

_ MOMA Press Archive, No.137/1968 _ … Since 1962 Miss Zazeela has performed as the vocalist with The Theatre of Eternal Music and has provided the stage sets, costumes, and lighting. For the last three years, she has been creating light concerts with Mr. Young using slides of her own design projected directly on the performing musicians …



Tilen Sepic: Light Oscillator

_ Tilen Sepič is an explorative designer and artist. In his transdisciplinary practice, he refers to natural and social sciences, material and technological developments, ethical and esthetical aspects. He analyses material properties and interrelations, key functions and system structures, physical and sensual phenomena. His imagery, his objects, and installations are illustrations, sensory fields or perceptual spaces that stage complex contexts.

Cuppetelli and Mendoza: The Art of Interference

_ “Pictures that attack the eye” was the explaining headline of a feature on Op-art in the Time Magazine published on October 23, 1964. “Preying and playing on the fallibility in vision is the new movement of “optical art” that has sprung up across the Western world. No less a break from abstract expressionism than pop art, op art is made tantalizing, eye-teasing, even eye-smarting by visual researchers using all the ingredients…” were the opening lines and in fact, Op-art compositions create a sort of visual tension in the viewer’s mind that evoke the illusion of space and movement.