Mischa Kuball: Based On Conversation

_ Kuball ’s works encompass objects, installations, and interventions that reflect on visual organization, its impact on consciousness and on outlook on the world. His works can be found in white cubes and black boxes, in all kinds of exhibitions spaces as well as in public spaces; they can be temporary as well as permanent.



Bettina Pelz: Hartung | Trenz: Responsive Typography (en)

_ To-be-seen texts and books as art works, typographic spatial installations, dynamic text banners, luminous neon texts and letter projections as spatial interventions – the typographic exploration of text as material and medium is extant in contemporary fine arts. For more than twenty years Detlef Hartung und Georg Trenz are contributing to the artistic assessment of typography. In their spatial projections they reconnoiter the relationship of text to image to space to light to sense. Found sites in their architectural, sociocultural and historic dimension have been inspirational gateways for their projection works.

Hartung | Trenz: Responsive Typography (de)

Strahlende Neontexte, dynamische Leuchtschriftbänder, Buchstabenprojektionen als Rauminterventionen, Sehtexte und Buchobjekte – die künstlerische Auseinandersetzung mit Text als Material und Medium ist in der bildenden Kunst der Gegenwart in vielen Zusammenhägen präsent. Die Künstler Detlef Hartung und Georg Trenz gehören seit über 20 Jahren zu denen, die das Verhältnis von Sinn zu Text, von Text zu Raum, von Raum zu Licht und von Licht zu Bild ausloten.