Shifting Focus

Whether artists are exploring line, color, shape, and form or space, time, and motion or sight and perception, at one point they arrive to light as material or medium to be included in artistic reflection and concept, impartially if they are working in the analog or the digital sphere. This is a collection of traces that can feed a mind map to formulate questions of analysis and inquisitive perspectives to follow up the developments of natural, technical, and digital transformation of light rendering visible the world.

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Bettina Pelz: Hinrich Gross im Kunstverein Lüneburg

_ Auszüge aus der Rede zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung “Helle Leere” mit Werken von Hinrich Gross im Kunstverein Lüneburg am 10. November 2018. „Ich experimentiere viel im Kopf, auch mit Plänen und Fotos, analogen und digitalen Skizzen. Als Architekt kann ich mit Plänen viel anfangen. Im Vorgespräch sagte er, dass er mit so wenig Material wie möglich arbeiten möchte.



Light in Fine Art

_ Contemporary light artworks are characterized by the reflected use of physical light. They explore light as a medium of display, of imaging or of perception. Artistic practices include darkness and shadow images, translucent materials, light-reflecting pigments and illuminated canvases, light filters and all kinds of requisites, displays of light sources and all types of projections.

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Cuppetelli and Mendoza: The Art of Interference

_ “Pictures that attack the eye” was the explaining headline of a feature on Op-art in the Time Magazine published on October 23, 1964. “Preying and playing on the fallibility in vision is the new movement of “optical art” that has sprung up across the Western world. No less a break from abstract expressionism than pop art, op art is made tantalizing, eye-teasing, even eye-smarting by visual researchers using all the ingredients…” were the opening lines and in fact, Op-art compositions create a sort of visual tension in the viewer’s mind that evoke the illusion of space and movement.