Bettina Pelz: Houda Ghorbel and Wadi Mhiri _ Zeitgenossenschaft

_ Als künstlerisches Team mit sehr unterschiedlichen Ausbildungen und Erfahrungen, bilden Houda Ghorbel und Wadi Mhiri ein Tandem, dessen professionelle Praxis Kunst, Design und Architektur umfasst. Sie widmen sich soziokulturellen sowie politischen, religiösen und philosophischen Themen.

Houda Ghorbel + Wadi Mhiri: Witnessing the Present

_ Houda Ghorbel and Wadi Mhiri are working as an artistic tandem of different backgrounds encompassing professional practice in fine art, design, architecture and community work. They are dedicated to sociocultural and political, religious and philosophical issues. Collective memory and identity, societal coherence and civic engagement, democratic culture and freedom of expression are reoccurring subjects of their artistic research and articulation.

Bettina Pelz: SEGOU YELEN Sé 2019

From Tunis To Ségou _ Working With Light As Artistic Material _ SEGOU’ART is an international gathering of artists and curators, critics and collectors, art initiatives and gallerists to improve exchange, debate and dissemination of contemporary fine art across the African continent. Exhibition projects and concerts, workshops and lectures, roundtables and debates are choreographed to be a dense program. In February 2019, it took place for the second time, for the first time it includes a decentral exhibition project dedicated to light and media art. Aymen Gharbi and I were the curators.