Bettina Pelz: Atsara _ Poetry of Physics

_ Audrey Rocher and Roland Devocelle are the artists’ collective “Atsara”. Their artistic research is dedicated to physical structures and principals as aesthetic phenomena and poetical realms. They travelled from Agen in the south of France to Hildesheim to realize a site-specific version of the installation “[M]ondes” at the outlook “Berghölzchen”.

molitor & kuzmin: Wir sind sehr konkret in unserer Arbeitsweise

_ “We work with mass materials, and for us, fluorescent lamps are a tool for composing, not on a limited screen, but in the open space.” Since 1996, physical light has been the central material of their artistic expression. “When we started experimenting with electric light, we weren’t really interested in technology. The aesthetic phenomenon was more important to us. We were thrilled that we found a material that sought dialogue with the spatial dimension.”

Christine Sciulli: Meandering Light

_ The Concrete Art of American artist Christine Sciulli plays with the geometries of light. Its attraction and its poetics are due to Sciulli’s outstanding sense for complex visual arrangements. Her present series of large-scale, site-specific interventions display animated white circles projected onto arbitrary surfaces. This allows the white animation lines to meander between the visible and non-visible, leading to an enchanting visual experience.

joeressen+kessner: Semantic Mapping

_ joeressen+kessner engender site-specific interventions that allow to perceive, to understand and to categorize a site in a new quality. Preferred, they work with historically charged sites to which they respond with transmedia interventions. Their works are digitals systems that interfere with the analog status quo via image and sound applications. They generate data systems that control audiovisual projections which are applied in real-time to a chosen environment.

Mischa Kuball: Based On Conversation

_ Kuball ’s works encompass objects, installations, and interventions that reflect on visual organization, its impact on consciousness and on outlook on the world. His works can be found in white cubes and black boxes, in all kinds of exhibitions spaces as well as in public spaces; they can be temporary as well as permanent.

Hartung | Trenz: Understanding Coding

_ We are interested in sites and contexts that are charged with history and where visual traces are limited or missing. We like to learn and to understand what shaped a site and what didn’t leave a touch. And we are looking for both, the parts that are visible as well as the parts that are neglected, ignored or forgotten. We enjoy this discovery mode and we back it up with research, with reading and with talking to people that link to the site or the context.

Bettina Pelz: Hartung | Trenz: Ringen

Bettina Pelz: Hartung | Trenz: Ringen

Einführung der Eröffnung des Kunst-im-Kontext Projektes “Ringen” von Hartung | Trenz in der Christ-König Kunstkirche Bochum im Rahmen des Jahresthema BEZIEHUNGEN. … Ich kenne Hartung und Trenz seit etwa 10 Jahren und etwa genauso lange arbeiten wir zusammen, d.h. ich lade sie zu Ausstellungsprojekten ein und manchmal laden sie mich zu Ausstellungsprojekten ein. Als freie Künstler und als freie Kuratorin sind wir immer auf der Suche nach einem interessanten Ort oder einer guten Gelegenheit, um künstlerische Forschung und philosophische Praxis fortzusetzen.

Hartung | Trenz: Responsive Typography (de)

Hartung | Trenz: Responsive Typography (de)

Strahlende Neontexte, dynamische Leuchtschriftbänder, Buchstabenprojektionen als Rauminterventionen, Sehtexte und Buchobjekte – die künstlerische Auseinandersetzung mit Text als Material und Medium ist in der bildenden Kunst der Gegenwart in vielen Zusammenhägen präsent. Die Künstler Detlef Hartung und Georg Trenz gehören seit über 20 Jahren zu denen, die das Verhältnis von Sinn zu Text, von Text zu Raum, von Raum zu Licht und von Licht zu Bild ausloten.