Bettina Pelz: SVETLOBNA GVERILA Ljubljana 2019

How to make a site-specific, context-sensitive and light-based exhibition project? _ Ljubljana is a buzzing city with bars, caf├ęs and clubs, a great diversity of microbreweries and an international food scene. The inner city is closed for cars and in the middle of June 1000s of visitors are strolling between the many museums and the many shops, testing wine or checking the second-hand market. Today Ljubljana is the largest city of Slovenia and its cultural, economic and political center. Like many other cities in Europe, it hosts a festival of light, but this one is unique.

Svetlobna Gverila Ljubljana

_ The festival is content-wise thus dedicated to thematization of colours in the context of contemporary art. The selected projects, among which many new productions, explore the rich symbolism and expressiveness of colours as well as their role in achieving different visual effects.